Swedish Airline Put 34 Passengers On The Wrong Flight And Only Realised It After Landing

The cabin crew scanned their boarding passes before they got on the flight.

Cover image via Google Maps/Aftonbladet (edited)

On 12 March, 34 passengers in Sundsvall, central Sweden were informed that their flight to Gothenburg was delayed due to bad weather conditions

Nextjet, Sweden's largest airline, originally had a 5pm flight going to Gothenburg, on the west coast of the country. 

The passengers were put on an 8pm flight, and had their boarding passes scanned by the cabin crew before they left Sundsvall.

Image via The Local

The only problem with the plan was that the flight to Gothenburg was actually cancelled, and not delayed

According to The Local, the information was never delivered to both Sundsvall Airport and the passengers onboard.

Furthermore, local media Aftonbladet reported that Henning Lindberg, Nextjet's marketing manager, said the passengers were never going to make it to Gothenburg on that night due to weather conditions.

To their surprise, the passengers ended up in the far north of Sweden, Luleå, which is over 1,200km away from Gothenburg

Image via Google Maps

One of the passengers, Roger Leirvik told Aftonbladet that he was in Sundsvall during the day for a business trip. When he realised that they landed in Luleå, he wasn't too concerned about it.

"I just laughed, what can you do?" Roger said.

Roger at the Luleå airport.

Image via Aflonbladet

Henning told Aflonbladet that the 34 passengers will be compensated with free accommodation in Luleå.

"They are taken care of in the best way," Henning said.

On top of that, some other passengers who were supposed to go to Luleå were left behind instead, after being told their flight was cancelled. 

In light of the incident, Nextjet apologised for the miscommunication between the airline and Sundsvall airport

"It appears to have been a huge miss in communications between the airport in Sundsvall and us," Henning was quoted as saying by The Local. 

The affected passengers were flown to Gothenburg the next day.

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