This Video Of Smoke Coming Out Of A Water Dispenser Keeps Going Viral. Fact Or Fake?

The video is often paired with a statement that appears to be from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (JBPM).

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A video of smoke coming out of a water dispenser has been going viral on social media again and again

The clip first surfaced early September amid the sudden water disruption in the Klang Valley that affected seven districts.

Garnering thousands of views, the video shows a tabletop water dispenser releasing white smoke.

One particular post even recorded a total of 541,000 views.

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The video is often paired with a message that tells people to unplug their dispensers from a power source in order to stop it from overheating.

Many have also shared a statement that appears to be issued by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (JBPM).

The statement, marked with the date 9 September, reads, "Community safety information. Switch off the power source on water dispensers during water cuts (or when out of the house)."

"To all users of water dispensers regardless of brand (SK Magic, Cuckoo, Coway, LG, and more) which use electricity, it is advised that you turn off the water dispensers especially when no one is home."

"This is because the water heaters will continue to run without supply of water. The machine will be burdened by the power of the pump that continues to function without water supply and it will cause overheating which can cause a fire."

"Early action can save your belongings and your life."

The statement was even shared by the Tanjong Karang Fire and Rescue Station on Facebook.

Image via Facebook

However, the statement was not found on the official Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia website or social media accounts.

Amid recent water cuts, the clip resurfaced once again but is it real or fake?

Coway Malaysia and JBPM have refuted the viral video and said the authenticity is unverified.

Coway Malaysia managing director Kyle Choi.

Image via Rosela Ismail/NSTP

According to Bernama, JBPM confirmed with Coway Malaysia that the statement on the risk of water purifiers overheating was neither issued nor endorsed by them.

Coway Malaysia managing director Kyle Choi also noted that all relevant parties are currently conducting an investigation into the background and authenticity of the video, which has yet to be verified.

He also assured that all Coway water purifiers sold in Malaysia have been tested and certified safe for consumer use and that neither Coway nor JBPM has received complaints or reports regarding fumes being released by water purifiers due to overheating.

Be careful of what you read online, you could be sharing fake news:

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