A Woman Defecated In A Bangkok Taxi And Then Refused To Pay To Clean Up Her Mess

The incident occurred on Asoke-Montri road, one of the busiest roads in the city.

Cover image via Pattaya One News

On Wednesday, 28 March, a Chinese woman defecated in a Bangkok taxi because her driver could not make it to a gas station in time

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the 30-year-old tourist requested her taxi driver, named Surawat, to take her to Ratchadapisek Soi 7 from Terminal 21 mall.

Unfortunately for both the woman and the driver, they were caught in traffic on Asoke-Montri Road when the woman realised that she needed to use the bathroom

The road is reportedly known as one of the most congested roads in Bangkok.

Unable to hold it in, the woman accidentally relieved herself in the taxi. The smelly situation took a turn for the worse when the driver asked for a cleaning fee.

Not only did the women refuse to pay the additional charges, she demanded that the driver complete her journey.

He then proceeded to call the police
for help in settling the dispute.

In a surprising turn of events, the policeman informed the driver that there was nothing they could do, as there is no law in the country that provides for accidental messes in cars

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The woman was free to walk away from the scene while the driver had no choice but to clean the soiled seat himself.

Angered by the situation, the driver decided to share his unfortunate story with traffic news station JS100

"I have been a taxi driver for 14 years. Normally people complain about taxis not picking up passengers," he said.

"But now do you see the type of problems taxi drivers have to deal with?"

While we don't condone relieving yourself in taxis, we can all agree that holding in pee while driving is awful... just like these other scenarios:

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