This Motorcycle Rider Didn't Have A Helmet So She Used A Very Asian Kitchen Appliance

No helmet, no problem?

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No helmet, no problem?

That was probably what this motorcycle pillion rider in Singapore was thinking when she stepped out wearing this on her head...

If you think your eyes are deceiving you because you see an aluminium rice cooker pot, they are not.

The photo was posted yesterday,12 February, on the Facebook page of, which provided no details for the photo aside from the caption, "Spotted a pothead on our roads."

Amused netizens couldn't help but joke about the woman's use of the random cooking appliance

Some Facebook users came to her defence, pointing out that it could have been a one-off incident.

One netizen even joked that all the food from Chinese New Year may be to blame.

In Singapore, it is illegal for motorcyclists and pillion riders to not wear proper helmets on the road

Image via Bangkok Post

According to Coconuts Singapore, the helmets used must also conform to Singapore safety standards.

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