TMJ: Anwar Lacks Decisiveness & He Is Going To Have A Tough Time Under Next Agong

The Johor Crown Prince was sharing his views during the latest episode of the 'Keluar Sekejap' podcast.

Cover image via Keluar Sekejap (YouTube)

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The Crown Prince of Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will face a tough time when his father, the Sultan of Johor, becomes the Agong next year

In a free-wheeling conversation with Khairy Jamaluddin and Shahril Sufian Hamdan in their latest Keluar Sekejap podcast last night, 29 October, TMJ spoke at length about the future of Johor and Malaysia.

TMJ was asked about his father, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar — who has been elected as the 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong to replace the Sultan of Pahang, Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, whose term as the 16th Agong ends on 30 January next year — and what kind of a ruler he is going to be.

"A no-nonsense Agong," TMJ said, adding that as a ruler, his father is "very clear about his agenda" as he is always talking "about restoring the order" due to the "unstable situation" in the country.

"His Majesty has his own plans, that he wants to work together or share with the Prime Minister, so, we'll see," the Johor Crown Prince said, before adding, "I think it will be a very interesting time."

He went on to say that while Sultan Ibrahim is "firm", at the same time, he is also "very understanding".

When Khairy, popularly known as KJ, asked if Sultan Ibrahim would play a more "hands-on role" once he becomes the Agong amidst the "unstable" state of politics in Malaysia, TMJ was quick to respond with a "yes", citing Johor Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Onn Hafiz Ghazi as an example.

"I feel like, for example, in Johor, whatever decisions the MB makes, it has to be approved by the Johor Sultan," he said, adding that the Johor Sultan must be briefed so he can give his sincere opinion.

"And I think he is going to do the same thing at the federal level (as the Agong). I think he's going to be quite hands-on, and in order to have that rapport with the Prime Minister, he's going to share inputs, what he thinks is right, what he thinks is not right. He would want things to be executed, not only planned," he said.

According to TMJ, the Johor Sultan is a detail-oriented person with vast knowledge in various important matters and a deep understanding of the political system

"You cannot lie to him. You cannot cheat him. He knows exactly everything," TMJ cautioned while adding, "He knows the system very, very well. So I think, that is where I know he has his own agenda".

"I think the Prime Minister is going to have a tough time," he remarked before bursting into laughter.

When asked by Shahril if he said it in jest, TMJ clarified that he was not joking that the Prime Minister will have a tough time under Sultan Ibrahim as the 17th Agong next year.

The Johor Crown Prince, however, went on to elaborate that it is important to maintain a good relationship between the head of the government and the Royal head of the state.

"With a good relationship, and also working together in the best interest of the nation, I think there are many things that we can achieve. Of course, there are protocols and there are certain lines (that cannot be crossed), but when you have a good relationship, a lot can be done. Because after all, it is for the benefit of the people, and the Prime Minister of the day has to take that seriously," TMJ said during the podcast.

TMJ also stated that Anwar lacks the ability to make decisions and that he doesn't think Anwar has a good team supporting him

"In my opinion, I think he has to execute more in making decisions. I don't think he has a good team. I'm of the opinion that he has the intention to do something. Of course, he wants to see the country do well. That's for sure. But I think he has to be a bit brave in terms of making decisions," the Johor Crown Prince said.

According to him, Anwar appears to be playing "too safe".

"Sometimes, if you are being hated for making a good decision for the country, you have to bite the bullet," he said.

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