TMJ Shares Why He Doesn't Want Johoreans To Change The Country's "Skipper"

According to himself, he knows things that people do not know.

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Late last night, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the Crown Prince of Johor, took to the official Facebook page for JOHOR Southern Tigers to share his "honest opinion" for his beloved people of Johor

In his lengthy post, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, fondly known as TMJ, appears to stump for the ruling coalition of Barisan Nasional (BN) in the upcoming GE14.

TMJ, without naming names, has launched a veiled attack on Dr Mahathir, who is leading the opposition alliance Pakatan Harapan (PH) for the general elections, by hoping that "people are not easily fooled by a forked tongue individual."

"At the moment he is not trying to save the country, he is more worried about what will happen to his children in the future," TMJ wrote on the JOHOR Southern Tigers' page, adding that it's "time to restore the orders and implement systems that have been damaged by individuals who are dreaming of becoming Prime Minister."

The 33-year-old Crown Prince of Johor has urged his people to "not be deceived", because, according to himself, he knows things that people do not know.

"Open your eyes, use your minds and follow the clues I have given because I know things you don't know. You only have to trust me, I know what I am doing."

While acknowledging that at the moment "the political situation in the country is a bit messy", it is, TMJ said, "not the end of the world"

"This is the time for the South to take control of the situation that has been damaged by money and power greedy individuals and steer it in the right order.

"Do not be easily manipulated into believing whatever you heard last night in Pasir Gudang," TMJ wrote while referring to the tour by PH parties in Johor on 6 April to announce their unanimous decision to use PKR logo as their symbol for GE14.

Without referring to Dr Mahathir by name, TMJ further wrote that the "Johor state will never forget that individual who tried to disband the Johor Military Force (JMF), an organisation that has stood since 1886, and at the same time, dreaming of diminishing the Sultan's power" by "belittling our constitution".

It was Dr Mahathir who, during his over two-decade role as prime minister of Malaysia, introduced laws that curbed royal powers and stripped them of legal immunity.

Claiming that he does "not (support) any political party", the Crown Prince then writes that but "in order to change a country's fate and improve the system, it is not by bringing down a government"

"We need to change it from the inside," the Crown Prince added.

"I know the people are discouraged by the leadership of the country and I understand. In my view, UMNO needs to have more assets than liabilities. It means UMNO needs to revamp the way it governs, change the way it thinks and its policy. One important factor, in my opinion, is the current party's hierarchy system.

"I will never forget those who damaged UMNO. The forerunner who gave birth to cronyism, those who gave birth to corruption and proxies, those who wanted to strip away the power of the royal institution.

"We should not blame the whole organisation or party because of one problematic individual. My advice to the people of Johor is if you have a problem with the government then raise your voice and let them know what you want. Never for once think that we have no initiative to fix the system within the government.

"If you want to fight or start a war between the Johor government and the federal government, a head-on collision, it does not bring any benefits. If we can produce more young talents with potential, willing to serve the country so we can ensure he or she is capable of representing the government, we can change everything from the inside," reads the Crown Prince's statement that has gone viral on Facebook.

In his analogy of UMNO as a ship, TMJ shares why he believes that when a "ship has been sailing fine for many years" but has an issue due to its "skipper", why it should not be fixed with a "new engine"

"Our neighbouring countries and I believe that if a ship has been sailing fine for many years but has an issue due to its skipper, do not fix it with a new engine.

"We stay on the same ship and guide the skipper to where we want to go.

"Don't change the boat if the engine is not broken, don't even change the skipper but allow HM The Sultan of Johor and I guide the skipper for you.

"Change what needs to be changed and upgrade what needs upgrading for the sake of our beloved country," the Crown Prince wrote Saturday night, 7 April, while urging the people of Johor to must believe in the vision of HM Sultan of Johor and himself.

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