TNB Is Offering Up To 50% Discount On Your Electricity Bill From April To September

The discount given will be based on the total amount of electricity you use each month.

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On 27 March, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced PRIHATIN, an economic stimulus package to help Malaysians weather through these challenging times

As part of the package valued at RM250 billion, the government said that it would work together with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to allocate RM1,024.7 million in discounts on electricity bills for the next six months, for electricity consumption starting 1 April.

From April to September, Malaysian households will get to enjoy up to 50% off their electricity bills. Here's how it will work:

TNB will automatically apply the discount to your electricity bills from April onwards for the next six months. Depending on how much electricity you use each month, you'll qualify for different discount rates, up to a maximum of 50%.

- 1 kWh - 200 kWh (RM43.60 and below): 50%
- 201 kWh - 300 kWh (RM43.70 - RM77.00): 25%
- 301 kWh - 600 kWh (RM77.10 - RM231.80): 15%
- 601 kWh and above (RM231.90 and above): 2%

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The discount given will be based on the total amount of electricity you use each month

Image via SAYS

For instance, if you use RM150 worth of electricity in April, you will qualify for the 15% discount, making your final bill RM127.50.

However, if your electricity bill extends from March to April, your discount will be pro-rated for the month of April. You would still pay the full amount for March.

While TNB has ceased actual electricity meter readings during this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, your electricity bills will be calculated based on your past average usage

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TNB will go ahead with billing and discounts during this period based on estimated amounts, with bills streamlined later according to actual electricity meter readings.

During this time, bills will not be delivered to your home due to the MCO, but you can check and pay for your bills on myTNB portal or myTNB app.

All in all, these electricity bill discounts will help to ease the burden of millions of Malaysians, especially those with lower incomes

For six affected sectors and businesses as identified by the government, TNB will also be helping by providing 15% discounts on electricity bills. These sectors include hotel operators, travel agencies, local airlines offices, shopping malls, convention centres, and theme parks.

For other industrial, commercial, and specific agricultural sectors, TNB will be providing a 2% discount for electricity bills for the next six months.

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