Toddler Goes Missing & Father Injured After Crocodile Attack In Lahad Datu

A rescue team was deployed and are currently searching for the boy.

Cover image via Sabah media & SandakanKini Kecoh

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Don't assume still waters hold no crocodiles.

This old proverb rings with literal truth when a father and his one-year-old son were recently attacked by a crocodile in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

The grisly incident occurred at approximately 10.05am yesterday, 1 December, when the pair were rowing a boat in the waters surrounding the Lahad Datu Marines operation base. 

Following a report by Sabah Media, the crocodile reportedly leapt out of the water and grabbed onto the small child before pulling him into the water. 

The father allegedly tried to save his son and fight off the animal, but was attacked in the process, leaving him no choice but to let go.

The man was brought to shore after being spotted swimming near land by passersby. Unfortunately, the crocodile swam off with its victim.

The one-year-old child was believed to have been eaten by the crocodile.

The alleged crocodile that attacked the father and son, swimming around with what is believed to be the body of the child in its jaws.

Image via Sabah Media

The Lahad Datu Fire and Rescue station received a distress call at 10.25am regarding the incident

A rescue team was immediately dispatched to the scene to carry out a search and rescue operation.

Lahad Datu Fire and Rescue station chief Sumsoa Rashid provided a statement to the press, saying, "The victims of the incident were sea gypsies and were believed to have been attacked while they were rowing their boat.

"The search and rescue operation will be handled by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), Marine Operations Force (PPM), and the Ministry of Health (MOH)."

The father, who is in his 40s, was sent to the Lahad Datu Hospital for treatment after sustaining serious injuries on his head, on the right side of his body, and on his right upper arm, from the attack.

Injuries sustained by the father from the crocodile attack.

Image via SandakanKini Kecoh (Facebook)

Following the gruesome attack, the killer crocodile was believed to have been captured by authorities

According to Mingguan Wanita, the alleged crocodile was found to still have its teeth covered in blood.

However, authorities have not confirmed whether this photo is related to the case.

Image via Bornean Mania

In June, a man in Kuching managed to save himself from a crocodile by slapping it:

In a similar incident in 2020, a 10-year-old boy fought for his life by punching a crocodile in the eyes when it attacked him:

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