Tony Fernandes: "I Think It's Better Not To Have MAVCOM"

His statement comes after MAVCOM lodged a police report against him.

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AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes has expressed his dismay at the Malaysian Aviation Commision (MAVCOM) by alluding that the local airline industry is capable of flourishing without the aviation regulatory body

Speaking at the airline's #HalfABillion Guests Flown Celebration yesterday, 15 May, Fernandes told local reporters that MAVCOM should remain as an independent body and treat industry players equally

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"I’ve always wanted (for the industry) to be treated fairly. It’s not about (being) good to AirAsia and bad to Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS), or good to MAS and not to AirAsia. Do what is good for Malaysian," local news agency Bernama quoted him as saying.

Fernandes added, "We (at AirAsia) wanted MAVCOM because we thought it would be great for the industry, and for them to be independent and look at the industry fairly. (But) I think it’s better to not have MAVCOM."

Fernandes' statement comes after MAVCOM lodged a police report over claims that the governing body told AirAsia to cancel flights during GE14

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The AirAsia head also revealed that dealing with MAVCOM has been difficult, so much so that his staff have faced difficult situations in the past.

"Airene, myself, Ben and Riad had nothing short of torture when dealing with MAVCOM.

"AirAsia and I will never stop fighting for fair industry practices and demand decisions to be made for the benefit all Malaysians," he said.

AirAsia has issued a statement saying it has evidence and enough facts to support Fernandes' claims:

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