[VIRAL] Video Of Pickup Truck Reversing Into MyVi At Scott Garden

Many Malaysian drivers are guilty of double parking and parking wherever they please. What do you think about a stunt like this?

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In the early hours of Sunday, 19 January, an amateur video of a double parking incident at Scott Garden went viral on Facebook

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It was believed that a pickup truck driver was angry because the owner of a MyVi who double parked behind him, failed to show up despite his honking

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So he proceeds with his 'stunt' that made those who were recording him, cheer and applaud in support. WATCH THE VIDEO:

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Hundreds of Malaysians commented, many of whom cursed both 'cheapskate' drivers who could afford alcohol at Scott Garden, but wanted to escape paying for parking

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While many cheered the truck driver for doing what they would have done (if they had a pickup truck)

Mike M H Tan says, "Yes, I did what the pick up did before. Totally satisfying!!!"

Y.c. Leong says, "Should push the Myvi into the drain instead of the middle of the road."

Simran Kaurazon says, "Padan muka to all these drivers who like to double park!"

陳豪奕 says, "VERY GOOD."

Others said, "two wrongs don't make a right"

Audrey 'Pro' Rukia says, "Please la, you're not even suppose to park there anyways. its not the myvi at fault . Both also at fault , because of these typical malaysian ' im right ' attitude. Lucky yesterday when I came back around 3.30am that myvi not there."
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And what about the safety of others on the road?

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Andrew Tang says, "I know it's irritating that someone block your car in, but what this driver did to push the car into the middle of the road is also idiotic. He could have caused a major accident."

PeiJun Ho says, "
What is so happy to clap hands (in the video)??? This action just will welcome oncoming car accidents... how if the oncoming car driver do not notice the white car stop at the middle of the road n its happen to be ur relative members? Is this action is the best way to settle things?"

Darren Lee Lee says, "Definitely ntg to be proud of and whats with the clapping?.. wtf .. could cause accidents + already caused congestion."

The owner of the MyVi: could he have been more 'responsible' with his double parking?

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Situated along the busy Old Klang Road in KL, Scott Garden has a SOHO concept and is popular for nightlife. Although illegal, it is common to see vehicles parked along the road opposite the premise at night.

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Another amateur video that went viral recently:

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