Tun M: "I Just Want To Tell You That My Face Is No Longer Haram"

The comeback 'kid'.

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Dr Mahathir Mohamad is an unperturbed man

Last night, the 92-year-old leader of the Pakatan Harapan coalition helped throw out the world's longest-running government of Barisan Nasional coalition.

Today, the 90s' comeback 'kid' is helping Malaysians fight their election night fatigue and restlessness over the unexplained delay in the formation of a new Pakatan Harapan government with his impeccable wit and sarcasm.

During a press conference today, when asked to comment about the delay, he quipped, "I was very sleepy this morning. I got up late. Lots of people got up late."

He, however, added that he hopes that by 5pm today, "we will have a PM, any delay will mean we have no government. And when you have no government, you have no law."

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When someone at the press conference asked him if the delay in swearing-in ceremony was probably because he isn't "liked" by the Royalty much, Dr Mahathir was like "but I'm a very nice person"

"I don't know about not liking me. I'm a very nice person.

"I have the support of the majority of the members of parliament. That is what the provision of the Constitution says," he said while reiterating that he had "the support of the majority of MPs" in accordance with the Constitution.

"The Constitution," he said, "doesn't say 'I like you, I don't like you. I love you...'"

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Dr Mahathir then decided to get more cheeky and took potshots at both the Election Commission and the Attorney-General

"Now I would like to tell you that my face is no longer haram.

"We don't have to tear out the picture of my face,"
he said, referring to the campaign period when billboards which carried his face were removed by EC under their new rules on campaign material.

He then dismissed Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali's claim that as A-G he was "apolitical and was advising" the federal government.

"I'm not saying anything against the government you know.

"By the way, at this moment there is no government. Anybody that claims he is advising the government is talking a lot of nonsense. I hear the attorney-general claims he is advising the government... Bullshit!," the prime minister-designate said.

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