Tun M Offers To Resign After Taxi Drivers Shouted Offensive Words And Staged A Walkout

The Prime Minister was upset with the taxi group's rude behaviour.

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Earlier today, 21 October, a group of 10 taxi drivers shouted offensive words and staged a walkout at a dialogue session hosted by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Langkawi

The taxi drivers accused Tun Dr Mahathir of giving "preferential treatment" to ride-hailing company Grab. At the dialogue session, which was attended by some 200 taxi drivers, the Prime Minister refused to commit to banning ride-sharing services like Grab.

The group of 10 taxi drivers behaved rudely and created a commotion, claiming that their livelihood was affected by Grab, accusing it of "stealing" their customers.

They were upset over Tun Dr Mahathir's comment that instead of banning Grab, the government will level the playing field between taxis and ridesharing services.

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Upset over the rude behaviour shown by the taxi drivers, Tun Dr Mahathir offered to resign from his post of Prime Minister today

"If (you) don't believe that I can (help), do yourself. See what happens. If you don't help me, I cannot help," he said adding that he was only trying to help the taxi drivers.

"It's not that I want to be a Prime Minister. I have retired, but people call me back, that's why I came. If you don't want me to be the Prime Minister, I can resign today, it's no problem for me," Tun Dr Mahathir was reported as saying by New Straits Times.

Meanwhile, Tun Dr Mahathir declared that Grab will be required to use vehicles approved by the government as well as pay insurance and taxes like normal taxis in a bid to ensure fair competition

"I have brought this up in Cabinet. I told the minister (of Transport) to fix it, but unfortunately, there has been no progress. I will try again... I too feel it is unfair.

"This matter has my attention but I cannot give my assurance that Grab will be abolished, but we can make them equal like taxis," the Prime Minister was quoted as saying by NST Online.

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