Viral FB Post Warns Locals About A Shady Scam Being Run By A Pregnant Lady At KLCC

A good samaritan was allegedly scammed by the pregnant lady.

Cover image via Straits Times (edited)

A pregnant injured lady at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is "looting" unsuspecting people, a recent Facebook post alleges

According to the Facebook post, which was uploaded on the social media platform on 19 October, the uploader was scammed by an anxious pregnant Indian lady who claimed that she was robbed in the KLCC car park and no one was willing to help.

The uploader said that the pregnant woman approached her at the lift in KLCC, asking her to help as "her stomach was really in pain" and that she was "about to deliver".

"I borrowed her my phone so that she could call her husband and also emergency 999. She called, with hands shaking and tears rolling," the uploader wrote on her post.

According to the post on Facebook, the pregnant woman claimed her husband was not picking up the call because "he must be flying a plane now as he a pilot" and that 999 told her that she needs to go to a hospital in a private car.

"She was shivering and weeping, saying no one is helping her, including the KLCC security," read the post by the uploader who became sympathetic to her plight.

Seeing how the pregnant woman was "shivering and weeping", the uploader volunteered to help her call a Grab to a nearby hospital

However, the pregnant lady said that she needs to go to Subang Jaya Medical Centre because that's her labouring hospital and "other hospitals or clinic won't accept her".

"I wanted to order a GrabCar and use GrabPay but she insisted on using GrabTaxi with cash payment method because leather seats will not get stained by her blood on her clothes. Before boarding the taxi, she asked for some money to cover her expenses.

"The Grab app estimated between RM50-RM80 so I gave her RM120 out of goodwill," read the uploader's post, which at the time of publishing this story had over 625 shares.

The sympathetic uploader, who was so far unsuspecting of the pregnant lady, realised she had been scammed as she got an alert on her phone about the GrabTaxi ending the journey within minutes

"The taxi cost is just RM1, looking at the grab receipt that I got.

"Looking back at my call logs, I realised 999 never actually answered her call. She was actually pretending to talk over the phone," the uploader wrote on her Facebook post.

The uploader suspects that this may be a new modus operandi used by the pregnant lady in cahoots with taxi drivers to con people

She ended her post by warning locals to be wary of any pregnant lady asking for money, saying that she regrets not being more alert herself.

I would like to bring to your attention a scam incident that happened to me in KLCC today 1. An anxious pregnant...

Posted by Lee Wen Lin on Thursday, 18 October 2018

A couple of months back, Malaysians were warned to be careful of their belongings while flying because "criminals are everywhere", even onboard the business class of Malaysia Airlines flight:

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