2 Men Fined RM1,000 For Not Pulling Up Their Mask Immediately After Taking A Sip Of Drink

After putting down their drink, police approached the men and issued a fine.

Cover image via Reuters/South China Morning Post & Sin Chew Daily

Two men in Parit Buntar, Perak, were fined for not putting their face masks back on after taking a sip of their drink

Sin Chew Daily reported that a man named Lee, along with a group of friends, headed to a mall in Taman Wawasan on separate motorcycles.

While the rest of the group went inside the mall, Lee and another friend waited outside. While waiting, they bought drinks from a nearby store and pulled their face masks down to their chin to take a sip.

After that, they placed their drinks in their respective motorcycle baskets and were approached by police officers who accused them of not wearing face masks.

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Image via theSundaily

Lee said that the policemen appeared right after they finished taking a sip of their drinks.

Three officers got out of a vehicle to confront them and said that they have violated the law.

He also explained to Sin Chew Daily that two of the officers were not in uniform while another presented his police identification card.

The police then told Lee and his friend to get into their vehicle so that they could be taken to the Kerian district police headquarters.

Both of them were issued RM1,000 fines each and they had to pay the amount at the Kerian district health office

Lee said to the Chinese daily that the fines were unfair as they only pulled down their masks momentarily to take a small sip of their drinks. He expressed that the fines left them feeling helpless.

Photos of the tickets issued by the police show that the two men were fined for not wearing face masks without any further clarification or elaboration.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

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