2 People Die After Roller Coaster Flips Mid-Ride And Crashes 10 Metres To The Ground

Two others survived the accident but sustained serious injuries.

Cover image via Channel News Asia & Twitter @JerrxG13

A roller coaster carriage derailed in Mexico City recently, killing at least two people

According to BBC, the incident happened at La Feria Chapultepec Magico amusement park on Saturday, 28 September.

Two men, aged 18 and 21, died in the crash.

Meanwhile, two women survived the crash but sustained severe injuries

Fox News reported that one of the women, aged 25, will have to undergo surgery for her leg injury.

The other victim requires intubation due to a severe brain injury.

The two were transferred to Angeles Mocel Hospital, Mexico City.

Investigations revealed that a mechanical failure caused the car to come loose and fall from a height of 10 metres

A vendor at the park told El Universal that she saw a passenger thrown from the car, and other riders hit their heads as the roller coaster advanced at high speed.

Fair organisers said that they deeply regret the terrible accident. They are currently cooperating with the relevant authorities to assist investigations.

In September, a four-year-old in Perak fell from a moving Ferris wheel:

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