Unlicensed And Dangerous Among Reasons Why Taxi Drivers Want Action Taken Against Uber

Uber has greatly affected the income of taxi drivers who now wants the government to take immediate action against the transportation network company.

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Taxi Drivers In Malaysia Wants The Government To Take Immediate Action Against Uber, A Transportation Network Company

The Gabungan Persatuan dan Syarikat-Syarikat Teksi Semenanjung Malaysia (GABUNGAN) has called on the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to take action against Uber, the company offering transport service through smartphone application.

Koperasi Pengangkutan Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya Berhad honorary-secretary Mohd Salleh Mat Zin also hoped that the government should take immediate action against the company because not only the safety of passengers was not assured, but the service would also affect the income of taxi drivers in the Klang Valley.
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According To Gabungan Persatuan Dan Syarikat-Syarikat Teksi Semenanjung Malaysia (GABUNGAN), Uber Has Greatly Affected The Income Of Taxi Drivers In The Klang Valley

Gabungan deputy president Datuk Mohd Alias Abdul said other than SPAD, the police, Road Transport Department and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission should also work together to address the issue, which had affected the income of taxi drivers in the Klang Valley.

Mohd Alias said the Uber's transport service had affected the income of taxi drivers in the Klang Valley as the company fixed its fares based on its estimation on the distance and time of service.

Uber is charging RM2 for every kilometre with a starting charge of RM7 and a minimum charge of RM13 for a trip. The company's fares are fixed at RM68 for a one-way trip from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Putrajaya, RM270 for premium transport service and RM80 for budget transport service from KL to KL International Airport, and RM150 from KL to Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Furthermore, Uber's Drivers Did Not Have To Bear The Various Costs Of Operation As Normal Taxi Drivers

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Apart from that, Uber service providers did not have to bear the various costs of operation as normal taxi drivers, such as having to undergo periodical inspections at the computerized vehicle inspection centre (Puspakom), he said.

Besides That, Uber Does Not Have A Taxi Permit Issued By SPAD, Nor Do The Drivers Have A Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Licence

"The company does not have any business licence or office in Malaysia but has been operating in dozens of cities around the world through the Internet and smartphone application."

"What's worrying is that Uber does not have a taxi permit issued by SPAD and it is also believed that its drivers do not have the public service vehicle (PSV) licence. This situation will cause many problems to the passengers in the event of any untoward incidents, crime cases or road accidents," he told Bernama when contacted here today.

Sunlight Radio Taxi Service Sdn Bhd Likens The Company To "Unlicensed Taxi Drivers", Saying That It Could Pose A Danger To Passengers

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Meanwhile, Sunlight Radio Taxi Service Sdn Bhd executive director Ab Jalil Maarof said action against Uber was necessary as the company was using private cars and unlicensed 'taxi' drivers. "It can be pretty dangerous for passengers. For their own safety, consumers are advised not to opt for the transport service offered by Uber," he said.

According To Koperasi Pengangkutan Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya Berhad, Uber Has Violated The Transport Law In The Country As A Private Vehicle Cannot Be Used As A Public Transport

Koperasi Pengangkutan Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya Berhad honorary-secretary Mohd Salleh Mat Zin said it was learnt that Uber had appointed several local companies to manage the service on its behalf.

"Our initial investigation found that the company uses private vehicles to pick up its passengers. It has clearly violated the transport law in the country because a private vehicle cannot be used as public transport because as it can endanger the safety of passengers. "Those private vehicles may have not undergo inspections at Puspakom," he said.

Licensed Taxi Operators Pay High Insurance Premiums To Ensure The Safety Of Passengers And Other Road Users, But Uber Service Does Not Indicate Any Such Responsibility

Furthermore, Mohd Salleh said licensed taxi operators had to pay insurance premiums four times higher than private vehicles, which aimed at ensuring safety of passengers and other road users in the event of accidents. "The Uber service, however, does not give any indication whether its vehicles were covered by insurance," he said.

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