UPM Issues Statement After Staff Allegedly Caught Shouting Profanities In Road Rage Video

In the heat of the argument, she also screamed, "I pray you get 'COVID'!"

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Dashcam footage of a woman driver making an illegal U-turn then angrily shouting profanities and accusing the other driver of bad driving has gone viral on social media

The video was uploaded on Twitter by the other driver involved in the incident, Fadzli Amin, on Tuesday, 2 February.

"Is this the behaviour of a doctor? This occurred near Serdang Hospital. The way she made the U-turn is a danger to others and she provoked me to the extreme," he claimed, while attaching his dashcam footage of the altercation.

In the footage, a black-coloured car can be seen making a U-turn and rushing into Fadzli's way, despite his lane having a green light to go straight at the junction.

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Narrowly avoiding her, Fadzli honked at the car and continued driving

However, in what seemed to be retaliation, the black car started to tail him and honk non-stop from behind.

"I just honked when I saw her trying to make a U-turn and cut into my lane. The long honking that you hear was all her because she tried to provoke me by driving too close to my car," Fadzli tweeted.

As captured on video, they both happened to stop side by side at the next traffic light and the driver in the black car rolled down her window to shout angrily at Fadzli.

She accused him of being in the wrong and hurled profanities, while Fadzli shouted back that he had the right of way.

In the heat of the argument, she also screamed, "Do you see this? I pray you get 'COVID'!"

Fadzli explained on Twitter that he believes the driver is a doctor because the woman had pulled out a stethoscope when she said that.

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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has since stepped forward with an official statement to address the issue

The director of Serdang Hospital had earlier issued a statement on Wednesday, 3 February, denying that the woman was a staff under their hospital or the Ministry of Health (MOH).

A few hours later, the director of UPM's Centre for Corporate Strategy and Relations released a statement acknowledging that the woman is a member of their staff.

"UPM would like to address the issue of the reaction of a UPM staff who reportedly had an argument with another road driver that went viral recently," the statement read.

"UPM views this matter seriously and it was the woman's personal spontaneous reaction, her behaviour does not at all reflect the principles and ethics that UPM staff uphold."

The director said that the matter is being investigated by the university for further action.

Meanwhile, Fadzli updated that the woman has gone to the police station to report him for dangerous driving and scolding profanities at her

He said on Twitter that he has also reported his side of the story to the Sepang district police headquarters and handed in his dashcam footage for investigation.

"Now let the police investigate and carry out their duty," Fadzli told his followers.

According to Sinar Harian, the police confirmed that they have received reports from both parties and have opened an investigation paper on the incident.

The case will be investigated under Section 279 of the Penal Code for negligent driving and Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 for insulting behaviour.

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