The Day The US Govt Released Their Own Doge Meme To Promote Healthcare

Much America. So wow. Very politics.

  • US Department of Health and Human Services Has Decided To Hire Doge As Its Mascott To Promote Its Healthcare

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        Yes, you read that correctly: the government is using memes to get people to sign up for healthcare.
    • Capitalizing on the popularity of the “doge,” the US Department of Health and Human Services decided to incorporate Internet images in an attempt to attract people to sign up for healthcare on its Facebook page.
  • The Result? Much Criticism. Such Confused. So Sarcasm.

    • That promptly elicited groans from those who visited. One mocked the broken English with: “Much desperate. Very pandering. Wow.” Another said: “I’ll need that healthcare because I just got cancer from this.” The lion’s share of those who commented were similarly unflattering.
    • That clearly is the sentiment of those who have commented on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’s attempt to borrow from an Internet phenomenon of sorts in an effort to enlist more consumers in Obamacare.
  • Others Lament That The US Govt Has Ruined Doge For Them

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        Comments on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Doge meme
    • Even worse, the government just completely ruined doge for us. Thanks, Obama.
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        Others Lament That The US Govt Has Ruined Doge For Them
  • The DogeCare Drama First Started On Twitter

    • The doge drama started innocently enough, when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tweeted out a doge meme this morning encouraging people to enroll in benefit plans:
  • The Doge Ad Is The US Health and Human Services Department's Effort To Connect With The Younger Audience

    • Obviously, HHS is trying to push enrollment in health insurance among young people as Obamacare’s final deadline for 2014 coverage approaches. Younger people are generally healthier, and the more of them sign up, the better balanced insurance risk pools will be. And what better way to advertise to the wired Gen Y than on the Internet where they live? With the same memes they use?
  • Things Got Worse When Competitor Right-Wing 'Political Action Committee America Rising' Created Their Own Meme In What Seems To Be A Mockery

    • A couple hours later, right-wing Political Action Committee America Rising — whose self-described purpose is to ”expose the truth about Democrats through video tracking, research, and the media” — decided to craft a healthcare-related doge meme of its own, criticizing Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, who apparently dodged (doged?) some big health care questions earlier this week:
    • “What could be worse than HHS’s lame attempt to sell the flailing ObamaCare implementation using doge? How about Kay Hagan (D-NC) fleeing reporters’ ObamaCare questions,” America Rising wrote on its site.
  • It Backfired, "Few Will Take Your Criticisms Seriously When You Use Phrases Like 'Such Run From Questions'".

    • Regardless of how valid your claims against Ms. Hagan may be, we sense that few will take your criticism seriously when you use phrases like “such run from questions” and “very obamacare support.” Until we’re getting online-married to other Redditors and conducting our entire existence through Second Life avatars, let’s all try to have mature conversations in human-speak, shall we?
  • At Least Doge Himself Is So, Very Fascinated

  • BONUS: How To Pronounce 'Doge'

  • More News In The Land Of Obama:

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