USM Lecturer Claims Malaysian Banknotes Contain Traces Of Pork Fat

According to him, people involved in printing money have confirmed with him.

Cover image via MalaysiaGazette & Islampos

A lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has reportedly claimed that the Malaysian banknotes contain traces of pork fat

The claim was published in a report by MalaysiaGazette on Friday, 20 September.

According to the report, Dr Zhari Ismail from the USM School of Pharmaceutical Science said that he obtained the information from the industry insiders who told him that they have used pork fat in the process of printing the national currency banknotes.

"There is the use of pork fat in paper money-making. This requires formal news reporting on this matter, so if this is an allegation, we need to confirm that the allegation is true or not," Dr Zhari Ismail was quoted as saying by MalaysiaGazette.

The USM lecturer added that when he asked people involved in printing paper money, they confirmed with him that pork fat is used in the process.

Dr Zhari Ismail.

Image via MalaysiaGazette

Dr Zhari said that the matter has been referred to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and they are currently investigating the allegations

He also suggested that samples of Malaysian banknotes be sent for study in the laboratory because the same thing had been done with the US dollar.

"This is not only happening in Malaysia but in the United States where they have collected their banknotes from the public to be sent to a university laboratory to see what is in their banknotes," Dr Zhari added.

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Meanwhile, Federal Territory Mufti Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri said that allegation such as these needs to be backed with evidence

He has called on authorities to gather more information regarding the claim that alleged the national banknotes are believed to contain traces of pork fat.

"If you make an allegation, it needs to be backed with evidence, then there is a right to analyse and examine the issue from a laboratory.

"There is a possibility it breaches the halal standard from JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia), in the laboratory (where the test is conducted), a better standard and facilitated laboratory will be needed for us to investigate if the allegation is true or not.

"It is because a single allegation or statement (is inadequate), it needs a strong investigation," the Federal Territory Mufti was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

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