Screenshots Expose Charity Volunteer For Trying To Sexually Groom Underage Girls For Years

He believes "age is just a number."

Cover image via William Cheah/Facebook

A veteran volunteer at Kembara Kitchen was exposed for his attempts to sexually groom underage girls he has met through charity events

William Cheah, co-founder of the catering and charity service, revealed how he discovered the truth about a volunteer in a Facebook post published on 7 November, which has since gone viral.

William Cheah (right), co-founder of social enterprise Kembara Kitchen.

Image via Malay Mail

During a casual conversation over a meal, a 14-year-old fellow volunteer admitted that she felt "very uncomfortable" with one of the male volunteers when his name came up.

"What she told us shocked us," he wrote, adding that she also showed messages he had sent her from a year ago. "I can tell you that it's not appropriate for an adult in his 30s to be sending those kinds of messages to a then 13-year-old girl."

After the young girl's revelation, another volunteer admitted that she too had been harassed by the man.

"I wish she had told us earlier though. I wonder if there are more cases like these under the surface. Or worse ones," William wrote.

Upon hearing from the girls, William banned the man from attending any event organised by Kembara Kitchen. "Every one of our activities we strive for positive wholesome goals in a SAFE environment," he wrote.

"Such things must not be swept under the carpet. Such behaviour not condoned. Not under my watch."

In his Facebook post, William included screenshots of conversations between the ex-volunteer and several girls, in which he initiated conversations, complimented them, and asked to meet in person

Even after being told expressly that they were uncomfortable and uninterested, the man persisted in continuing to message them

In the comment section of William's viral post, others have come forward to share similar experiences with the predator.

According to their stories, the man has been pursuing underage girls for over a decade.

The 36-year-old man has since claimed that his "caring messages" have been misunderstood

"I am actually very straightforward and friendly," he told The Star.

Though he did not deny contacting the girls, he maintained that there were no ill intentions.

"My intention is to look for companionship," the man said, adding that, "Age is just a number," according to a report in The Star.

Child sexual grooming was officially classified as a crime with the passing of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017

Section 13 defines child grooming as "any person who communicates by any means with a child for the intention of committing an offence under the Act."

It carries a maximum punishment of five years imprisonment and whipping.

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