[VIDEO] A Man Was Physically Torturing A Dog. Then A Cow Came & Attacked Him

'Instant karma'.

Cover image via @susantananda3 (Twitter)

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Warning: This story contains disturbing images and video footage of animal abuse. Viewer discretion is advised.

Recently, a short video went viral on Twitter.

It showed a man physically torturing a stray dog as others watched.

The 15-second video, uploaded by an Indian civil servant Susanta Nanda, who is an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, has more than half a million views with over 5,000 retweets and quote tweets.

While it's not clear exactly where in India the incident took place, in the video, the man — dressed in a checkered shirt and black trousers — is seen violently pulling the dog by its neck.

The poor animal howls miserably in pain as the man continues to pull at its neck and ears.

What happened next could only be described as instant karma

While the man is pulling up the dog by its neck and wringing its ears as the person continues to film the video with others present there not intervening, a cow enters the frame to 'rescue' the dog.

In the video, the cow is first seen freeing the dog from the clutches of the man and before he could react, it attacks him by headbutting and pinning him down as he cries in pain for help.

As the man is being attacked by the cow, those, who were silently watching him torture the dog before, come to his rescue by trying to scare away the big animal to no avail.

The video then ends abruptly.

Image via

While many people criticised the man for torturing the dog and others for not helping the poor animal, several others praised the cow

"Sir, cow hitting the man who was torturing the hapless dog, prove that even cows cannot tolerate bad humans & believe in delivering instant justice...," wrote one Twitter user.

"Humans were busy recording, one animal understood the other and helped. Indeed we have reached far as species," another wrote.

Watch the video here:

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