[VIDEO] Man Makes 'Roti Telur Biawak' And We're Not Really Sure How To Feel About It

Kamarul Rizal runs 'Abang Terbang', a stall in Negeri Sembilan that specialises in making different types of roti canai.

Cover image via @abangterbang (TikTok)

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A man recently garnered the attention of netizens after he posted a video of himself making 'roti telur biawak'

TikTok user @abangterbang, whose real name is Kamarul Rizal, uploaded a video on Monday, 8 November.

It garnered over 934,000 views and 48,200 likes.

In the video, he showed how he shaped the dough into a lizard

Then, the uncooked dough was transferred to a griddle.

After the dough was fully cooked, Kamarul Rizal transferred it to a plate and added two soft-boiled eggs.

He then garnished the dish with fried shallots and green onions.

Lastly, he added some dhal curry and some sambal. The roti canai biawak was then ready to be served.

Kamarul Rizal shared with SAYS that he actually runs a stall in Negeri Sembilan that specialises in different types of roti canai.

The eatery is called 'Abang Terbang' and it's located across the Pos Malaysia office in Kuala Pilah.

Kamarul Rizal.

Image via Abang Terbang (Facebook)

His TikTok account features a bunch of other videos of his roti canai creations that come in different shapes and sizes.

The roti canai biawak video received a bunch of mixed responses.

While some people were grossed out, others applauded the man's creativity.

Several people left comments saying that they were disgusted and would never eat a lizard-shaped roti canai.

However, most people left encouraging comments.

One person wrote, "Hahaha, so creative, thank you because I was genuinely amused watching you make a lizard-shaped roti."

Image via TikTok

Another user commented, "This video made me follow you! Creative!"

Image via TikTok

"Best stall ever. No one else has done this for their customer. Amazing. New menu on the next level," wrote another netizen.

Image via TikTok

In the comments section, Kamarul Rizal wrote, "I apologise to those who feel nauseated. Those who don't like the name 'biawak'. I just made this as requested by friends on TikTok. It's just content."

Watch his full video here:

Two home bakers from Ipoh previously went viral after sharing photos of a cake they made covered with edible lizards:

And who said that biawaks are gross? These two cute monitor lizards were caught "hugging" each other out at a parking lot:

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