[VIDEO] Netizens Amused By This Food Delivery Rider Who Got The Easiest Order Ever

He made RM4.30 from the order.

Cover image via @key_din (Twitter)

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A food delivery rider recently went viral on TikTok after receiving a very peculiar order

TikTok user @Key_Din uploaded a 10-second video on Sunday, 7 November.

The clip has since garnered over 680,400 views and 52,600 likes.

The man picked up food from a restaurant just to find out that the delivery address was right across the street

"The nearest order I've ever received," he wrote.

Someone asked the man if he was upset to discover that the order came from across the road.

He then replied, "Whether it's near or far, I consider it as Allah's blessing. The only upsetting thing is when I call customers and they don't pick up and the payment is cash on delivery."

Image via TikTok

In the comments section, the rider also shared that he made RM4.30 from that order.

Some people speculated that maybe the customers were lazy while others said that they've done the same because they were too busy to pick up the food themselves

"Lazy to pick up themselves," one netizen commented. The rider replied, "It's not nice to say that. They were alone manning the shop."

Image via TikTok

Another user wrote, "Sometimes it's not about being lazy but maybe they can't get out of the place. No replacement staff or they're understaffed."

Image via TikTok

"Sometimes we do this too," another netizen commented.

"Not because we're lazy but because there's not enough staff. Only one person left, so no one to cover at the store," they added.

Image via TikTok

Another comment read, "Hahaha I've wanted to do this before. The KFC was right in front but couldn't leave the store so felt torn about ordering through delivery."

Image via TikTok

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