[VIDEO] A Quarantined Man Argued With Frontliners And Tried To Escape From His Hotel Room

The incident is believed to have happened at a hotel in Kuching, Sarawak.

Cover image via Borneo/Facebook

A video involving a quarantined man and frontliners at a hotel in Sarawak is going viral after he was caught escaping his room

The man, who is believed to have returned to Sarawak and forced to undergo a mandatory quarantine at a hotel in Kuching, livestreamed his encounter with healthcare and police officers on his Instagram account.

In the livestream, he admitted that he came out of his room and was reprimanded by the police on duty.

When the authorities asked where he was going, he said he "wants to go and take a swim".

The man then murmured to himself in Mandarin, saying that the authorities are "evil" and that he should call his friend - named Oscar - to beat them up.

Recordings of his livestream are going viral on Facebook, attaining over 5,000 shares at the time of writing.

Image via Borneo/Facebook

When a health official urged the man to return to the room, he was seemingly shocked to learn that his stay was paid by the government

"You are now in quarantine. The government is paying for your hotel fee and your meals. What else is the problem here?" said the health officer in blue uniform.

The man was surprised to learn that the government is subsiding his 14-day mandatory quarantine in a hotel, saying that he thought his friend Oscar was paying.

"Go back to your room now. We work here to take care of you. (And yet,) you are not following our orders. What is lacking from our part?" said the visibly wearied officer.

Despite the officer's soft-spoken plea, the man still cracked a joke, saying that he lacked a swim in the pool.

Image via Borneo/Facebook

In another recording of a separate livestream, he was heard arguing with police officers, touching on sensitive subjects such as religious practices.

He claimed that he was also fasting during Ramadan and asked if the officers fasted as well.

Image via Borneo/Facebook

At the same time, viral photos of a thrashed hotel room are being linked to the same guy

However, SAYS could not verify the link.

After the videos and photos went viral, many netizens flooded the comment section to criticise the man's act

"I hope to read the next episode tomorrow, how and what the punishments (are) for these acts. No respect even the national security laws," said a Facebook user.

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"Sue him for obstruction and property damage," added a netizen.

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"I heard he was mentioning someone's name. Maybe he thought they are above the laws. They should be punished heavily," commented another person.

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