[VIDEO] Boss Smashes Woman's Phone After She Was Allegedly Caught Using TikTok At Work

Netizens are criticising the employer for breaking the woman's personal belongings.

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A woman recently went viral for smashing her employee's phone on the ground

On Friday, 28 February, Perak Press shared a video of a woman scolding one of her staff members while at work along with the caption, "The boss is upset because the employee keeps taking selfies and making TikTok videos, what do you think?"

The video has since garnered over 38,000 views and 369 shares.

In the 44-second clip, the visibly upset boss can be heard saying, "I've been here for 15 minutes, did you even realise?"

"Other employees have been complaining that you've been taking selfies and using TikTok," she added.

She then asks the staff member to hand over her phone.

The employee initially refused to give it to her but she sternly says, "I said give the phone to me, so just give it! I cannot accept this behaviour in the office."

She then slams the phone on the ground and the woman quickly kneels on the floor to collect it.

Many netizens are criticising the boss for her actions, stressing that she shouldn't have damage the employee's belongings

"It would have been sufficient to give the employee a warning letter, but it is very inappropriate to damage her personal belongings. We are truly against this," wrote one user. 

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Another person commented, "The boss has a right to be angry. The boss has a right to give them a warning. The boss has a right to nag. The boss has the right to give them advice. All for the betterment of her staff members. However, the boss does not have a right to purposely damage the employee's belongings."

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One netizen wrote, "The boss is stupid. She should have thought first before damaging her staff's belongings. What rule are you following? The person bought it using her own money. Maybe if it was bought using your money, it's okay for you to break it."

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Watch the full video here:

Boss marah sebab asyik selfie ber tik tok, apa komen korang?

Posted by Perak Press on Friday, February 28, 2020

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