[VIDEO] Datin Who Slapped Security Guard Claims It Was Because He Bullied Delivery Girl

She denied allegations that she was upset that she had to collect her food at the lobby.

Cover image via Twitter @My_CrimeWatch

Yesterday, 30 August, a video showing a Datin slapping a security guard in Kuala Lumpur went viral

The incident took place at a condominium in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur.

The video shared by Twitter user @My_CrimeWatch has since received over 283,000 views and 5,500 retweets. 

In the 40-second-long video, the woman was seen donning a pair of sunglasses and a white T-shirt

In the spur of the moment, she slapped the security guard in the face and reprimanded the group of men before storming off with her husband.  

According to @My_CrimeWatch, the woman was angry and had slapped the security guard for asking her to collect the food order in the lobby.

The building management also stated that deliverymen were not allowed to deliver customer's food straight to their doorsteps. 

One netizen, who revealed herself to be the delivery girl involved in the incident, stood up for the Datin and claimed that she had slapped the security guard for an entirely different reason

According to the delivery girl, she was being bullied by the security guards when she tried to deliver the food to the Dato and Datin. 

"They were rude to me. They kept insulting me in the lobby area," she wrote, adding that when the couple had to collect their food at the lobby, they saw her in a crying state. 

"I felt like I was a foreigner while those security guards behaved like Malaysians.

"The Dato asked one of the security guard to apologise to me and that was probably how he ended up getting slapped in the face," the delivery girl wrote. 

She then concluded her post saying that even though she only works as a delivery girl, that should not be the reason for people to treat her as if she is a beggar. 

Shortly after the netizen made her post, the Datin also took to Facebook to share her side of the story

"I wasn't mad that I had to go down to the lobby. Who was I going to scold at that time? The guards were not there," the Datin wrote. 

"When I arrived at the lobby, I saw the delivery girl sobbing and I asked her what's wrong. She told me what the security guards did to her so I scolded them," she added. 

According to the Datin, the building has service lifts that operate from 6am to 6pm in which deliverymen are entitled to use. However, she was not told of the sudden change that they can no longer use the service lifts. 

The Datin added that it would be troublesome and inconvenient if parcels and groceries could not be delivered to her doorstep. 

"I slapped him because I lost my patience. The girl was being treated unfairly. She is the (victim) and witness. God is the witness."

The woman concluded her post by saying that she did not put her 'Datin' title when she ordered her food as she does not use her title for power. 

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