[VIDEO] Delivery Rider Wins Hearts By Helping Elderly Man Push His Broken Kapcai

Netizen Jully Yap said the elderly man had refused a ride home because he did not want to leave his motorcycle by the roadside.

Cover image via Jully Yap (Facebook)

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A video showing a food delivery rider helping an elderly man push his broken motorcycle along a stretch of road in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur went viral on Facebook

The video was uploaded by netizen Jully Yap on Monday, 15 November.

In the almost five-minute long livestream video, Yap can be seen slowly tailing after the rider and the elderly man in her car to protect the duo from the fast-moving traffic on Jalan Mergastua in Kepong Baru.

The video shows the hunched old man pushing his motorcycle. The old man is being helped by the rider, who is tip-toeing from his motorcycle and assisting the man's motorcycle with his left hand.

"This foodpanda rider is extremely good," says Yap in the video.

"The uncle's motorcycle broke down in the middle of the road. Then, this rider selflessly stepped in to help push the uncle's motorcycle."

The elderly man had also refused suggestions from passers-by who told him to leave his motorcycle by the roadside.

"He insisted on pushing his motorcycle back home," Yap continues.

"So this foodpanda rider stuck by his side and walked his motorcycle together."

Yap lauds the food delivery rider as "not everybody is willing to do this", before adding in jest that the rider must be handsome.

"Normally, a person with such a kind heart must be a very good-looking person. Too bad I don't have a daughter or else I could introduce her to him," she says.

The video goes on for another two to three minutes until they make a turn to a less busy road in front of a shoplot

Yap ends the livestream video shortly after because her vehicle cannot make the same turn as it is a one-way street.

Speaking to SAYS, she said her child went down to help the elderly man before she started the livestream, but the man insisted on pushing his motorcycle to the repair shop.

She then shared with us additional photos and videos, which show that another foodpanda rider had also stopped at a traffic light junction to assist the elderly man.

"If this rider is slow to deliver your order, please forgive him because he just did a very thoughtful deed," Yap wrote in the caption of the video.

At the time of writing, the video has gone viral with over 7,700 shares and garnered over 2,000 comments

"Kind souls in town. Great job and kudos to the panda hero and to you, who [were] protecting them from the back," commented a netizen.

"Good example. This is the spirit of Malaysians!" a person cheered, while another added, "Sister, you are great too for protecting them from the back. Wishing you peace and good health."

"[Proof that] humanity can be found in this country. Salute to this foodpanda [rider]. God bless both of you," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Below is the video of Yap and the foodpanda rider helping the elderly man:

Despite our differences, Malaysians will still go out of our way to help each other:

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