[VIDEO] DiGi And Maxis Show The True Meaning Of Unity This Merdeka

Why didn't Celcom get the memo?

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It started out as an awkward situation when telco rivals DiGi and Maxis both released their Merdeka video on the same day...

With the exact same brand message

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DiGi's video, "Malaysia, We Are Family" is a social experiment to see how Malaysians respond to a stranger referring to them as family

Maxis' video, "It's ok. We're Family" tells the story of an expat in Malaysia learning the Malaysian way of calling strangers family

Both video have the same message: Malaysians call each other brother, kakak, uncle, auntie, and such because we are all family

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It could have turned out to be an embarrassing situation with the creative agencies responsible getting into trouble, but Maxis and DiGi handled the faux pas beautifully

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They called out to each other on Facebook, warmly acknowledging each other's videos and noting that, that similarity despite their differences, is what makes them family

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In the spirit of Merdeka, not only did these two rival companies reminded us that we are family through their videos, their message resonates even deeper by example


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This DiGi-Maxis Merdeka video coincidence could have been deliberate viral marketing plan


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Even if it is, we'll close an eye because this message of respect, love, and treating each other as families is one message that deserves to be shared

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