[VIDEO] Influencer Splashed With Air Sirap For Talking Loudly At A Shah Alam Restaurant

Muhammad Solihin Abdullah, who is also an entrepreneur, has since lodged a police report over the incident.

Cover image via Viral Hari Ini (Facebook)

A Malaysian influencer was caught getting splashed with a big mug of air sirap on his own livestream for making too much noise in a restaurant

In an almost two-minute long video that was re-uploaded on a Facebook group, Datuk Seri Eein — whose real name is Muhammad Solihin Abdullah — can be seen talking to his audience during a livestream that was originally posted on Founder EEIN Official's Facebook page.

Not only can he be heard talking loudly in the video, but he also scream-laughs to the point that his own conscience kicks in and he covers his mouth with his hand, probably feeling bad for making too much noise.

But it is too late.

Shortly after Eein's piercing laughter, a man can be seen splashing a mug of air sirap at him and grabbing him by the neck of his clothes

The man drags Eein out of the camera view and a verbal argument ensues.

"You want to eat, then eat. Why do you want to bother other people?" says another man at the scene

"Why must you splash (a drink) at a person to this extent?"

When Eein is back in the camera frame, he asks his attacker "apa hal". The video shows his right shoulder is completely covered with red stains.

In another video that shows the entire incident from behind, the man who splashes air sirap is also a customer at a restaurant.

The man, dressed in a black T-shirt, is sitting at the table in front of Eein before walking towards Eein and attacking him.

Following the incident, many netizens speculated that the attack was deliberate, alleging that it could be just a marketing gimmick for the restaurant located in Shah Alam, Selangor

According to Hype, a Facebook user said the individuals involved in the incident know each other, while Eein, who is also an entrepreneur of a cosmetic product, had in the past appeared in the restaurant owner's video.

It is also learned that the attacker, Ridhuan Wan, has since made a public apology over the incident as well.

So it seems like the incident is not a marketing gimmick after all.

On Monday, 12 October, Eein took to Facebook to share a police report in a bid to prove that the attack was not staged and he is indeed a victim.

The police report reveals that the attack took place at a restaurant on Jalan Kebun, Seksyen 30 on 9 October. However, Eein censored out the part that mentions the attack.

In the caption of the post, Eein wrote, "Don't simply make any speculation."

"When you make defamatory remarks, such as it is all just acting, it casts a negative image and affects the reputation of my business."

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