[VIDEO] Customers Caught Shoving Entire Mattresses Into Dryers At Kangar Laundromat

The laundromat owner said drying mattresses in dryers could potentially lead to a fire because some latex mattresses are not resistant to high heat.

Cover image via Douyin

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A video of two individuals shoving mattresses into dryers at a laundromat in Kangar, Perlis has gone viral on social media

The man and woman were seen trying to shove the mattresses into two different dryers, only to discover that the machines were too small to contain them.

The woman could be seen scratching her head after they failed to make the mattresses fit into the dryers.

According to China Press, the incident took place at the laundromat operated by Jiang (transliteration) in Taman Mutiara at 2.30pm on Sunday, 5 November.

He learned about the incident through closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage.

The 37-year-old businessman said that the customers removed the mattresses after they exhausted their efforts in trying to close the dryers' doors.

Image via Douyin

"I find it very funny and it leaves me speechless. It's the first time that customers have stuffed such large mattresses into dryers," Jiang said

He said it was fortunate that no unpleasant events occurred, explaining that if the customers had managed to fit the mattresses into the dryers, not only would the mattresses have melted, but the laundromat might also have burned down.

Jiang said latex mattresses are not resistant to high temperatures, and can only be air-dried and never tumble-dried, reported China Press.

In the past, he encountered customers who would place entire schoolbags into dryers, a practice that could be potentially dangerous.

He urged the public to be vigilant and take heed of the notices posted in laundromats, particularly those cautioning against putting schoolbags, carpets, and shoes into washing machines and dryers.

Jiang also appealed to the public to refrain from vandalising equipment and to responsibly use these facilities to avoid inconveniencing others.

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