[VIDEO] Man Ignores His Clamped Tyre And Drives Off As If Nothing Happened

Why pay RM50 when you can just wreck your car?

Cover image via @cringemalaysian (Twitter)

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A 45-second video shared on Twitter recently went viral for showing how a man reacted to his car tyre being clamped because he parked illegally

The video starts by showing two security guards and a man getting into a black Honda CR-V, which appears to be clamped.

The man then starts his engine and begins reversing out of his parking spot.

With one tyre clamped, the driver is clearly struggling to move the car out of the parking spot.

Loud clanking sounds can be heard due to the damage from the clamp, but the driver does not give up.

Once he comes out of the parking spot, he is seen driving away as if nothing happened

The clamp was broke off from the tyre in the process and was run over by the car as well.

The security guards did not say a word the entire time.

While it is not known what happened before the man got into his car, the video of the incident has garnered a lot of attention and criticism from netizens.

Twitter users called the man's actions a waste of money and a "stupid display of ego"

"Such a miser to not even pay RM50 for the tyre clamp, now the car is wrecked," read the captions of the @cringemalaysian Twitter post.

The video has amassed 443,000 views and over 5,500 retweets since it was uploaded on 8 June, with many users saying the man should have just paid the RM50 fine rather than for the repair of the serious damages on his car.

One user called the man's behaviour, "Stupidity at its best."

"To unlock the clamp? RM50. To repair the damaged parts (fender, bumper, and tyre): around RM500. To pay back the lock clamp: RM499. He really thought he did something," wrote another user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One user expressed that the man's actions is clear proof that ego never solves anything. He would rather pay for the damages on his car rather than the penalty.

"Maybe he owns a car workshop," wrote the user.

"When his ego is bigger than his brain," said another comment.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Watch the video here:

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