[VIDEO] Man Spits And Hits RELA Officer For Not Letting Him Enter A Market

The man also slapped the RELA officer before pushing him to the ground.

Cover image via 小小滴太平 Taiping (Facebook)

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A 52-year-old man has been arrested for spitting and assaulting a People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) officer for not letting him enter a market in Sitiawan, Perak

According to Utusan Malaysia, the incident happened at a public market at 6.45am on Saturday, 15 May.

Under the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the Movement Control Order (MCO), daily markets can only operate between 7am to 2pm.

The 52-year-old man was 15 minutes too early to buy his groceries. Thus, a 45-year-old RELA officer walked up to him and stopped him from entering the premises.

However, Manjung police chief ACP Nor Omar Sappi said the suspect ignored the RELA officer's instruction and started assaulting him for trying to stop him.

"The suspect hit the victim with his hands, uttered harsh words, and spat at the face of the RELA officer," Nor Omar said.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

A 35-second long video capturing the assault has since gone viral on social media

In the footage, a few members of the public can be seen trying to hold the suspect back, but in a swift move, the suspect pulls his face mask down and spits in the direction of the RELA officer.

"You spit saliva?" a voice can be heard at the scene.

Oriental Daily reported that the RELA officer was slapped by the man before being pushed to the ground.

The RELA officer said he did not want to fight back as he did not to want escalate the situation further.

"My glasses and hat fell to the ground in the process. Fortunately, people helped to pick them up," the Chinese daily quoted the 45-year-old as saying.

"I was accompanied by my colleagues to the hospital yesterday (16 May) and decided to lodge a police report to make the other party responsible for his reckless behaviour."

The man was arrested yesterday, 17 May, and will be remanded for four days until Thursday, 20 May

According to Nor Omar, the suspect has two criminal records related to drug abuse offences.

The case will be investigated under Section 322 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant on duty, reported Utusan Malaysia.

"If convicted, the suspect can be sentenced to three years in prison or a fine, or both," Nor Omar said.

Watch the video here:

Several high-profile people have also come under investigation for alleged SOP violations: