[VIDEO] M'sians Band Together To Catch Thief Who Hijacked Woman's Car At Traffic Light

The incident occurred on Tuesday, 13 April, on Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, Kuala Lumpur.

Cover image via @anthraxxxx (Twitter)

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An incident showing how a group of Malaysians came together to save a woman's stolen car in Kuala Lumpur has gone viral on social media

In a series of videos that have been widely circulated, the victim can initially be seen standing helplessly outside a dark grey Honda City at junction with a red traffic light after she was pulled out of the car.

A video then shows the suspect driving away. However, other motorists who witnessed the incident quickly gave chase.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Brickfields police chief Anuar Omar said the incident occurred around 2pm on Tuesday, 13 April, on Jalan Kuchai Maju 13.

In a heroic feat, the dashcam footage continues to show four cars successfully cornered the Honda City

The suspect was forced to a stop — with one car blocking his front, one at the back, and two at the side.

The driver from the car at the back then got down and grabbed the suspect out of the Honda City, pulled the hand brake, and quickly disarmed the man on the ground at the side of the road.

Meanwhile, the victim emerged from a car at the side along with another good Samaritan who gave her a pat on her back in reassurance as the other people detained the man.

They apprehended the suspect until the police arrived

In another video, the man can be seen with his hands and legs bound on the floor as the public surrounded him.

Anuar Omar said the suspect only suffered minor injuries on his shoulder and lip after a short struggle when he tried to flee the scene.

Meanwhile, the police chief said the victim did not report any injuries or any losses during the incident.

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