4-Year-Old's Tearful Confession That His Parents Dislike Him Has The Internet Crying Along

"I'm alone at home. No one plays with me," lamented Song Eo Jun.

Cover image via 채널A WORLD (YouTube)

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The tearful admission of a four-year-old Korean boy, expressing that his parents do not like him, has stirred a wave of sympathy online

The boy was seen in a clip, which has gone viral on X and TikTok, from an episode of the Korean reality show, My Golden Kids. The show features a panel of experts helping parents deal with challenges in child-rearing.

The clip began with the crew inquiring about Song Eo Jun's preferences regarding his parents. Responding to the question, Song shared, "I don't know. I'm alone at home. No one plays with me."

Furthermore, Song described his father as "scary" when angered. The four-year-old also expressed his desire for his father to talk to him in a gentle tone.

As the crew delved further into Song's feelings toward his mother, he said, "I think she does not like me," and broke down in tears.

The poignant clip concluded with Song expressing a heartfelt desire for his mum to spend more time with him.

The comments section of the viral clip was inundated with netizens expressing their dismay over the boy's plight

"His way [of talking], his maturity is a sign that he is trying so hard to understand why his parents don't like him and that's breaking my heart," commented one user.

"It breaks my heart to see a little baby asking for a minute because he's so sad talking about how his mother doesn't like him and his father is scary," lamented another user.

One user expressed their frustration, saying, "Some parents don't deserve a child. The way he expressed his feelings maturely at such a young age. My heart broke."

"Despite having such parents, his way of speaking is so lovely and respectful. I hope he eventually receives the love that he deserves," commented another.

The full episode revealed that the parents are grappling with burnout due to their demanding work schedules, which in turn, led them to display harsh behavior towards Song

As working parents, they navigate the challenges of caring for both Song and his six-month-old sister.

The stress becomes overwhelming, prompting the parents to reprimand and, unfortunately, resort to physical discipline when Song throws tantrums.

Unfortunately, this led the child to believe that his parents harbour feelings of dislike towards him.

Upon seeking expert advice on the show and tearing up while watching their own son's confession, the parents decided to be more patient with Song as well as introduce a reward system to encourage positive behaviour in their son.

The episode ends with the parents promising to spend more quality time with Song, and they were seen engaging in artwork activities with the child.

Watch the clip of Song's tearful confession here:

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