This Tesco In Shah Alam Had To Close After A Rat Was Caught Scurrying Along A Bakery Shelf

One of the videos has garnered over a million views on Facebook.

Cover image via Alia Ismail/Facebook

Videos of a rat scurrying along a bakery shelf at Tesco Setia Alam in Shah Alam, Selangor went viral recently

Two videos posted on Monday, 16 July, show a giant rat running through and nibbling at the bread and buns on the shelf, before going back into hiding.

One of the videos has garnered over a million views on Facebook since Monday.

The videos were taken by a mother who was shopping at the hypermarket with her son

"Want to buy bread in Tesco? Think again," Alia Ismail wrote in a Facebook post

Furthermore, when she informed Tesco employees regarding the rat, they admitted that the hypermarket was infested with rats.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Alia then reported the case to the Food Safety and Quality Division of the Health Department.

The hypermarket, which had been closed since Tuesday, has reopened earlier today, 19 July after a thorough clean-up

Alia wrote that the affected bakery area has been cleared out, and the hypermarket has gone through a thorough clean-up. 

A spokesperson of the Tesco outlet told Free Malaysia Today that all bakery items on display in the videos have been destroyed.

"We also temporarily closed our Setia Alam store on Tuesday (17 July) to allow for a thorough cleaning and rectification work to prevent future incidents," the spokesperson added.

You can watch the viral video of the rat in the bakery here:

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