Video Of "Handicapped" Man Pretending To Be Hit By A Car In SS2 Goes Viral

Hollywood, please hire him.

Cover image via Ng Jhen Hau/Facebook

A netizen recently shared on Facebook how a man tried to fake an accident by "crashing" into his car in SS2

Ng Jhen Hau, who posted the video on Tuesday, 10 July, said the man was riding an electric scooter on the opposing side of the road when he suddenly attempted to knock into his vehicle.

Ng went on to say that thankfully, he managed to stop his car in time before anything happened.

However, the man on the electric scooter allegedly 'touched' his car, then stood up and laid on the ground.

As soon as Ng told the man that he had a dashcam (which he didn't), the victim miraculously got back up onto his scooter and claimed that he was 'handicapped' and 'injured'

Ng apparently lied about having a dashcam just to see if the man was for real. 

In his post, Ng warned the public about scammers in China who pull similar moves by creating an "accident" just so they can claim insurance money.

At the time of writing, his post has garnered over 13,000 shares and more than 600,000 views on Facebook

On Wednesday, 11 July, Ng updated the post saying that he has since made a police report and that they will further investigate the matter.

You can check out the video below:

Scooter man may not have fooled Ng, but this aunty managed to pull magician moves to distract a stall owner while stealing cash:

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