TM Officially Unveils "Basic" Unifi Plan For RM79 Per Month. Here Are The Details

30Mbps though.

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TM has officially unveiled a new budget Unifi plan today, 12 July, following the company's hint of a cheaper broadband package last week

Keeping true to promise, the plan, aptly named "Unifi Basic", is priced at RM79 per month for 30Mbps speed and 60GB quota, said. 

The plan is stand-alone, meaning it doesn't come with add-ons like Unifi TV or a phone

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Subscribers looking to extend the 60GB quota can do so by making additional data purchases. 

In comparison, the price of this plan is more than 50% lower than the current 30Mbps Unifi Home Plan, currently priced at RM179. 

In line with Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo's plan to bring down broadband prices and make Internet access more affordable for the masses, the plan will be available exclusively for households with income of RM4,500 and below

The plan is reportedly only available through Unifi's official website, with pre-orders starting on 15 July 2018 before it is available to the public on 15 August 2018. 

That's not all. Existing Unifi customers will be upgraded to faster, newer plans with speeds up to 800Mbps.

Under the "Unifi Turbo" scheme, customers can expect upgrades, depending on their current plans:

- 20Mbps and below: bump up to 100Mbps
- 30Mbps: bump up to 300Mbps
- 50Mbps: bump up to 500Mbps
- 100Mbps: bump up to to 800Mbps

According to SoyaCincau, the upgrades are expected to be rolled out from 15 August 2018.

What do you think of the new plan and upgrades? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Streamyx users will be granted free speed upgrades as well:

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