TM: More Than 350,000 Streamyx Users In Non-Unifi Areas To Receive Speed Upgrades

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Streamyx users, you are not forgotten.

On top of a RM79 budget plan and free upgrades for existing Unifi users, TM has also unveiled plans for its pool of Streamyx users.

More than 350,000 Streamyx users not in Unifi coverage areas will receive double the speed upgrades of their existing Streamyx packages, TM revealed in a media briefing yesterday, 12 July

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For some 340,000 Streamyx users within Unifi's coverage, they will be offered to migrate to Unifi packages.

The prices of these Unifi packages won't be too far off from current Streamyx plans, said Imri Mokhtar, the Executive Vice President for Unifi as reported by

It is unknown when the migration will commence.

Streamyx users can visit Unifi's official website starting 15 July and get to know their upgrade options

According to Malaysiakini, which quoted Bernama, there are about 800,000 home Unifi customers and 690,000 Streamyx customers, out of which 350,000 Streamyx customers reside in Unifi coverage areas.

The Unifi Basic plan will only be available for families with household incomes under RM4,500. Details:

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