That Awkward Moment When Najib Says "26 Billion Minus 9 Billion = 15 Billion"

"Where is another 2 billion?"

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A short, 45-second video of PM Najib Razak has gone viral.

The video from astro AWANI was uploaded on Facebook on 27 October 2015 and has since received more than 7,450 shares so far.

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However, the actual date of the video is not clear.

It opens with PM Najib speaking about the falling price of the oil and how PETRONAS has paid the government RM26 billion dividend but will only pay RM9 billion next year, which the Prime Minister then calculates as '26 minus 9 equals to 15'.

PM calculation " 26 minus 9 " equals 15 . And he runs the country. Where else can you find PRIME MINISTER like him.

Posted by Muntaz Shafie on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Needless to say, the (mis)calculation has prompted a barrage of remarks from people sharing the video, among which a number of them are asking "where did the RM2 billion go?"

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On other news, here's why the PM has swag:

And take a look at how he looks with man buns:

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