Video Captures Moment Steel Factory In Penang Explodes & Sends Out A Huge Cloud Of Smoke

Six workers at the factories were injured, with two suffering 30% burns on their bodies.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

A steel factory in Penang exploded and injured six workers yesterday, 20 October

According to Free Malaysia Today, the incident took place at about 4.28pm at the smelting furnace section of Ann Joo Steel Factory, where a 1,000°C boiler was located.

A team of firefighters from Perai Fire and Rescue Department rushed to the scene and took 15 minutes to put out the fire.

It is learned that 30% of the section in the three-storey building was damaged.

Perai Fire and Rescue Department operations chief Azrul Khairi Abu Bakar said four of the six workers were slightly injured

While two sustained 30% burns on their bodies, reported Bernama.

Azrul said they were sent to a hospital for treatment and are currently in stable condition. 

Meanwhile, videos capturing the explosion have gone viral on social media

Plumes of smoke can be seen coming out of the factory after the explosion, briefly forming a mushroom cloud, before the wind carries the fumes upwards.

The smoke was so huge that it was reportedly visible from Penang island.

The fire and rescue department is in the midst of cooling down the smelted steel inside the boiler and a forensic team will be deployed to the factory to investigate the cause of the explosion today, 21 October, said Azrul.

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