[VIDEO] A Family Of Bears Risked Their Lives To Drag An Injured Cub Out Of A Busy Road

The black bear cub, which was hit by a car in Immokalee, Florida, later died.

Cover image via Daily Mail

A video taken by an American woman shows a family of bears in Collier County, Florida trying to help a cub after it was hit by a car

In the tragic video, the three bears can be seen risking their lives to pull the fallen black cub out of the path of the oncoming traffic after it was hit by a car in Immokalee.

The footage shows the black bear cub stumbling in the road after being hit.

When it falls and eventually lies down in the street a large bear emerges from the shoulder, looking into the traffic before grabbing the injured cub by the scruff of its neck, reported Daily Mail.

Image via YouTube

While they managed to pull the cub out of danger, it later died

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the cub was found dead near where it was hit. The FWC is investigating the incident, reported NBC2.

Image via YouTube

The woman who captured the footage said it "crushed" her to see the family of bears struggling to save one of their own

"It was heartbreaking to see that," she was quoted as saying by WINK News.

"It crushed me. I see myself as a momma bear. I have a baby, so a baby in the road hit [me]. Whether it's a bear or a human, it's sad. People need to be aware and drive carefully at night."

Another woman who saw the footage said it resonated with her worst fears, adding that such encounters have become more frequent

You see a mom trying to protect her cub and she's pulling him off the road. And that's very, very, sad.

She urged for something to be done so that such incidents can be avoided in future.

"They should put signs for people to know and to be safe," she added.

You can watch the video of the accident here:

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