Video Shows A Hot Pot Exploding In Waitress' Face After Customer Dropped Lighter In Soup

The scalding liquid exploded and splashed on to the waitress.

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At a famous hot pot restaurant in China, a waitress had a horrifying experience when boiling hot pot broth explode on her face as she tried to fish out a lighter a customer had dropped into the soup

The incident happened on 15 May at a Haidilao outlet in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

According to a report in Shanghaiist, a customer accidentally dropped his lighter into the hot pot. When the waitress tried to retrieve the lighter with ladles, the scalding liquid burst out and splashed on to the waitress and the diners.

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The hot soup covered the waitress' face, arms, and chest

In the incident, two people, the waitress and a male customer were injured and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, according to a report in Mail Online.

The temperature of the hot pot, which is kept simmering at the table by an electric stove and is often mixed with chilli oil, could get as high as 200-degree Celsius.

According to a Haidilao spokesperson, while the customer suffered minor burns to his hand, the waitress is making a good recovery.

"We will implement additional training for our staff," she was quoted as saying.

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On Tuesday, Haidilao said that they are investigating the incident.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

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