This Entrepreneur Says Women Are Partly To Blame When Men Watch Porn Or Rape

"The blame actually falls on us," she said.

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A Muslim lingerie seller is facing backlash for a video in which she claimed that women need to satisfy their husbands to prevent them from needing to watch porn

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Umirah Taib, the founder of Le Maream Lingerie, posted the video on IGTV.

It was made viral by Twitter user @Michellelanious, and has garnered over 5,000 retweets at the time of writing.

In a snippet of her IGTV video, Umirah explained why she thinks women are partly to blame for their husbands' need to watch porn

"We cannot blame our husband 100% for watching porn. The blame actually falls on us," she said, explaining that women are at least 30% to 50% to blame.

"It means we haven't been helping them satisfy their needs. We can help them," she added.

Umirah went on to say that this is why she takes certain news with a grain of salt.

"If there are stories about a grandfather raping his granddaughter, my first impression is, I cannot put 100% blame on the grandfather," she said.

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"Maybe the grandfather is married to the grandmother, but she is not like she used to be, and the grandfather satisfied his lust by watching porn and..." she said before cutting herself off.

"That is why, we as wives, we have a lot of responsibilities. As we get older, the challenges get harder. We have to accept this," the mother of four said.

Shocked at her remarks, angry netizens took to Twitter to emphasise that men should always be held accountable for their actions, regardless of whether they are married

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"I wonder what she will say to men who are unmarried and still rape people," one netizen wrote.

"Maybe she will say it's women's fault because they did not marry him," another Twitter user jokingly responded.

On 1 April, Umirah apologised for her comments on social media and clarified that she does not blame women for acts of sexual assault carried out by men

"There is a 32-minute and 53-second video uploaded on our IGTV titled "Man Vs Porn" by me. Only 1-minute and 15-second of the video was uploaded on Twitter to portray me as someone who agrees with the Datuk's act," she wrote.

"I am a mother. I am a Muslim. I am a daughter. I am strongly against this kind of inhumane act," she added.

"I can't stress this enough, I agree that the blame is totally on the rapists. But if there are other angles or actions we can do to help prevent this, I tried to make it known to the public."

Watch the viral video here:

Here are some ways you can take to protect children from sexual abuse:

A new child sex offenders registry came into effect today, 1 April, following several cases of child abuse in Malaysia:

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