Video Shows A Man Beating A Security Guard Repeatedly With A Baton In Wangsa Maju

Police say they believe the suspect is a Pakistani national. However, according to a Nepali national who claims to have worked for the man in the video, he is a Malaysian Indian.

Cover image via Sq soul7

Recently, an eight-minute-long video was uploaded on social media platforms that showed a man repeatedly beating a security guard with a baton at a parking lot of a condominium in Wangsa Maju

The video was originally uploaded on Facebook by a page named Sq soul7 on Thursday, 30 July, where it has over a million views and more than 25,000 shares with thousands and thousands of comments.

"This incident happened in Malaysia. An officer has badly beaten a guard. Is this humanity? Can anyone be beaten like this?" read the caption on the post by the page that appears to share Nepali news.

Following which, a day later or 31 July, Andrew Jonathan Hall, a migrant worker and labour rights activist, took to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to separately upload a short version of the disturbing video.

Andrew, who goes by Andy on his social media accounts, said that the video, which was shot of 7 July, "has gone viral in Nepal, showing a (assume Nepali) security guard being abused by a Malaysian".

According to the migrant worker rights specialist, the abuse of security guards was a "systemic and widespread" problem but it doesn't get the attention it needs because it's not rubber gloves, garments, or palm oil, the three local industries that frequently gets coverage for its alleged abuse of migrant labours.

"But the security guard industry in Malaysia is terrible," Andy wrote.

"I found when in Malaysia, Nepali security guards are pervasive holding temperature checks or guarding 5-star hotels, office buildings, embassies, malls, apartments," he said, adding that they work seven days a week for long hours with little pay, are often in debt bondage and live in squalid accommodation.

In the video, the man is seen physically assaulting the security guard. He uses the baton to repeatedly hit the unresisting security guard's back, arm, and legs. He is also seen punching the guard in the face.

The man, who is heard speaking Bahasa Melayu, was identified as the guard's supervisor.

Throughout the video, the guard did not retaliate while the supervisor continues his beating.

As he beats the guard, the supervisor is heard hollering: "What's your problem? Are you flaking off? You are here to work, why are you creating trouble. I am good to you, and yet you … (indistinct) Who do you think you are? Are you here to work or make trouble?"

Meanwhile, the person recording the video is heard speaking in Hindi, telling him that "it's enough".

The video's virality prompted the Embassy of Nepal to lodge a police report on Friday. Following which, Wangsa Maju police chief Superintendent Rajab Ahad Ismail said that checks showed that the incident happened at a car park of a condominium in Jalan Madrasah.

"It is believed that the incident involved the suspect, a Pakistani national, and a Nepalese working as a security guard at the building," Rajab was reported as saying by New Straits Times yesterday.

"An investigation paper under Section 324 of the Penal Code has been opened. The cause of the incident is still being probed. We are seeking all parties involved to come forward immediately to assist in the investigation," he said, adding that the victim has yet to lodge a police report.

Rajab, who described the incident as "simply inhumane and unacceptable", has urged those with information regarding the incident to contact investigating officer Inspector Shahrul Azzuan Sharom at 016-2014334 or senior investigating officer Deputy Superintendent Stephen Ganeson at 016-3767390 or the Kuala Lumpur Police Hotline (03-21159999) or the nearest police station.

Image via Sq soul7

Meanwhile, Nepal's English weekly newspaper Nepali Times interviewed a local who has worked in Malaysia and he claims that the supervisor is a Malaysian Indian named 'Mannu' who also abused him

"He has beaten many people, and I had filed a complaint at the Nepal Embassy back then," the Nepali national identified as Santosh Sapkota told Nepali Times.

"I returned five months earlier than planned after spending nearly four years in Malaysia because I could no longer take the abuse," Sapkota said, adding that the supervisor abused people without any reason.

Separately, Andy, the migrant worker rights specialist, said that he has been contacted by at least two residents of the condominium where the incident took place.

One insists the perpetrator is Pakistani national and another believed him to be Malaysian of Indian ethnicity," he wrote on his social media accounts following the police statement, in which the Wangsa Maju police chief Superintendent said that they believe the suspect is a Pakistani national.

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