Video Shows Resilient Toll Booth Worker Wiping Away Tears As She Smiles For Angry Drivers

The 19-year-old was reduced to tears by impatient drivers who verbally abused her after she helped move a broken-down car, causing a delay in the toll queue.

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Sometime last week, a young woman working at a toll booth in Guizhou province showed incredible resilience as she wiped away her tears and put on a smile while giving out tickets to impatient motorists despite the abuse that she received from some of them

According to Shanghaiist, the incident happened on Friday, 25 January, when the 19-year-old toll collector had to momentarily leave her post in order to help push away a broken down car

The broken down vehicle was blocking the lane, causing delay.

However, other motorists who were unaware of the problem blamed the 19-year-old, who was identified as Weng Xin, for being left waiting too long in line.

The incident came to light a few days ago after surveillance footage from inside the toll booth went viral, showing the young woman fighting back tears as she turns her face away from the window only to put on a smile and bow her head as the next motorist pulls up

Despite being reduced to tears by drivers who verbally abused her after she helped move a broken-down car, she continues to smile for them and is humble.

The 19-year-old's unparalleled professionalism in the face of the abused unleased on her by angry motorists has since made many netizens to send out words of encouragement, with some calling Weng the "most dedicated toll collector", Shanghaiist reported

In response, while Weng thanked net users, she humbly refused that title, saying "I am just an ordinary toll collector. Thank you all very much for your support and comfort.

Meanwhile, commentators under the video uploaded by South China Morning Post's YouTube channel have left comments, empathising with her and sharing how all they want to do is hug her

"A 2-hour drama movie couldn't bring me to tears in theatres. This is a 68-second clip that brought me on my knees emotionally and all I wanted to do during the whole video was to hug her," wrote a YouTube user, adding that the video is "powerful" and that he hopes that "those who experience what this poor woman experienced find strength to stay strong and sympathy for those who have the power to scold others."

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"I want to hug her.. that's why I always say "thank u" or "sorry" when I walk around and see any other workers like security, or the one that helped me to take my luggage on the airport or someone like that. I mean, just say "thank u" is more than enough to at least make them realise that there are other people that feel thankful for their jobs," another user wrote, whose comment was "liked" over 1.6K times by others on YouTube.

Image via SCMP

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