Video Shows Teen Girl Devastated After Dad Allegedly Burned Her Favourite K-Pop Collection

"101 on how NOT to parent."

Cover image via Screenshot/SAYS

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Recently, a video showed a teenage girl crying and rummaging through the remnants of her favourite K-pop memorabilia, which were allegedly burnt by her father as he did not approve of her hobby

The video, originally uploaded on TikTok by the girl's mother, has been circulating on social media, where people have criticised the parents for their actions, which may lead to the child resenting them.

SAYS is choosing to not disclose the mother's TikTok account for privacy reasons.

In the video, the mother continues to film her daughter, who is in her school uniform, as she wipes away the tears streaming down her face after learning that her father burned all of her favourite K-pop collections.

After walking around her room looking for her collections, the girl was seen digging around the charred ground outside her house to try and salvage the remnants of the incinerated items.

While most of the collections were burnt to a crisp, she managed to find a box that contained a few of her favourite K-pop memorabilia. Unfortunately, they, too, were charred at the sides.

According to the video's caption, some of the K-pop items were gifted to the young girl by her friends, while other items were bought with her pocket money. However, the father did not approve of them.

The video footage can be watched below:

While the mother has since removed the video from her TikTok account, it was later uploaded on Twitter and the r/malaysia subreddit

On the two popular platforms, the sight of the heartbroken teenage girl in tears has prompted angry reactions from Malaysians, with the video on Twitter receiving more than three million views.

Among those who called out the father, many chastised the mother for recording and posting the video. It appears that the mother did not agree with the father's decision and made the video.

However, one Redditor pointed out that the husband is abusive, which may be the reason why the mother recorded the video in order to shame her husband's actions online.

"In one of the videos, her daughter actually tells people to side with the mum, and she clarified to only hate the dad," the Redditor added under a heated discussion on the platform.

The mother later posted a number of videos on her TikTok, with one of them showing the behind-the-scenes of her daughter crafting her K-pop journal that was burnt by the father.

Over the weekend, the mother posted an apology video

"I'm sorry for the viral video of my daughter. It has caused many to be upset with my actions and to criticise my family. I didn't mean to expose anyone nor did I think the video would go viral," she wrote in the caption.

"I've forgiven those who have condemned and slandered my family," the mother added.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

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