Video Shows Zoo Visitor In China Throwing Rocks At A Panda For Being "Lazy"

The incident happened over the weekend.

Cover image via Weibo

A video showing a zoo visitor throwing rocks at a female panda at a zoo in China has gone viral

According to NextShark, the incident took place at a zoo in Beijing on Saturday, 13 July.

The 38-second long video was uploaded on Weibo by an observer who witnessed the incident.

Image via Weibo

In the video, the panda, Meng Da could be seen sitting down while chewing lazily before a rock was hurled towards her

Fortunately, the rock did not directly hit the panda, but it caught Meng Da's attention and she got up to inspect it, thinking it was food.

The person filming the video could be heard saying that it was a kid who threw the rock, while her friend seemingly told the perpetrator to “stop throwing”.

According to NextShark, she claimed that the tourist threw a much bigger rock at the panda after the first video was filmed.

Zookeepers rushed to the scene after hearing about the incident

According to Bored Panda, the zookeepers stopped the tourists from throwing any more objects into the compound. 

Beijing Zoo also confirmed that Meng Da was not injured and is in good condition, playing and eating in her normal fashion way.

Image via Weibo

The zoo urged visitors in the zoo to observe the animals in a more civilised manner

Beijing Zoo also promised to improve the security and inspection of the panda enclosure. 

According to NextShark, Meng Da's compound was first built in 1981 to celebrate the 1990 Asian Games that was held in Beijing.

Last year, a female kangaroo in a Chinese zoo died after she was pelted with rocks by visitors:

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