[VIDEOS] Snow On Mount Kinabalu Put Smiles On Climbers' Faces

The last time it reportedly snowed on the mountain was in May 2018.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today & @mrk_ranau2021 (TikTok)

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It was a lucky day for Mount Kinabalu climbers after snow started falling on the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia at 6.52am yesterday, 28 February

According to New Straits Times, Hajiris Sulomin — a  46-year-old Mountain Torq Via Ferrata trainer — captured the snow on camera and shared it on the Mountain Torq Facebook page.

"Wow, it is snowing at Mount Kinabalu," Hajiris exclaims in excitement.

"Opurak... opurak (meaning 'white' in the Dusun language) just like at the white people's place. What a beautiful view!"

He can be seen alerting other climbers to witness the rare phenomenon as he spreads his arms out for the snow to fall on him.

Borneo Post Online reported that Hajiris was waiting for climbers at the Sayat-Sayat hut at the time.

The trainer with 11 years of experience told the New Straits Times that the snow lasted for about three minutes

Hajiris said he was not sure of the temperature at that time.

It is learnt that the mountain experienced similar weather back in May 2018.

Hajiris Sulomin telling climbers to witness the snow.

Image via MOUNTAIN TORQ (Facebook)

While it is uncommon to witness snow on the mountain, official records show that the same phenomenon happened in 1975 and 1993

"There might have been more incidents but it was not recorded as it could have happened during hours when no one was on the summit area," The Star quoted Sabah Parks Manager Justinus Guntabid as saying.

He said the average temperature at Panalaban between 2am and 10am yesterday was between 6.9°C and 12.3°C, reported Borneo Post Online.

"But today (28 February), it is colder than other days, and so it may be even colder up there. Those who witnessed the snow can consider themselves lucky," he said.

Justinus added that 154 climbers and guides managed to witness the snow on the mountain on Monday.

@mrk_ranau2021 Snowing on top of kinabalu !!! @erasabah #fyp #share #borneo #kinabalu Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit

Watch Hajiris reacting to the snow below:

In September 2020, climbers spotted ice crystals on the mountain:

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