[VIDEO] Student Goes To Shah Alam School In A Helicopter

That's one way to avoid traffic.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today

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Taking a helicopter to school definitely beats traffic woes.

At least, it's what can be said for a Shah Alam school student, who was dropped off by a helicopter, according to a photo shared by a resident.

The photo showed the child walking away with the pilot standing by the helicopter that had landed on an empty plot of land behind the primary school in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The resident also recorded a video of the helicopter taking off after the child, dressed in school uniform, was seen walking down the street towards the school's rear gate, before entering its compound.

While the resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, recorded the video and the photo on 17 April, he only decided to share them with the media yesterday, 13 June, reported Free Malaysia Today.

The resident claimed that this was the second instance that he had noticed the helicopter landing there, but did not capture the first time

"On 5 May, I raised the matter with the school via Facebook, not only to report the helicopter issue but also to raise concerns about parents parking their cars along the roads in our neighbourhood," he said.

According to the resident, he has not seen the helicopter in the neighbourhood since he filed the complaint.

Helicopters do not need clearance from air traffic control towers to land outside of an airport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) said when asked for clarification on helicopter landings

A CAAM spokesperson told New Straits Times that helicopters can land anywhere in an open space and is safe for landing and that CAAM does not have control of where a helicopter should or should not land.

"However, they may require approval from the land owner, where the helicopter intends to land," the spokesperson said, adding, "Residents should lodge a complaint to CAAM if they want the matter to be investigated. As of now, there are no complaints made to us about the Shah Alam incident."

Watch the video here:

In July 2021, Datuk Mohamed Raffe K Chekku sent his helicopter from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Ipoh in Perak to pick up 36 packets of nasi ganja. The businessman was charged in court last year:

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