[VIDEO] Supportive KL Dad Drives 18-Year-Old Son All The Way To Taiping For His First Date

The young couple met online during the Movement Control Order and the father brought the whole family to Perak just so the lovebirds could go on a date.

Cover image via @RemyDamak (TikTok)

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A father from Kuala Lumpur recently went viral after uploading a video of himself driving his son all the way to Taiping for the 18-year-old's first date

On 18 October, TikTok user @RemyDamak, whose real name is Mohd Jasni Mohd Noh, uploaded a video along with a caption that read, "Cinta antara benua" (A Bahasa Melayu phrase that translates to "love between continents").

The clip garnered over 65,000 views and 5,092 likes.

The video details Mohd Jasni's long journey to Perak

He brought all his five children along on the trip and showed how they fell asleep in the car.

He even had a snack during his long drive.

Once they arrived at a shopping mall in Taiping, Mohd Jasni's son can be seen fixing his hair before getting out of the car.

The whole family waited with the young man for his girlfriend's arrival.

"The wait is torture, I've gone through that before," Mohd Jasni wrote.

When his son's girlfriend finally arrived, they met for a moment before the family left to give the couple some privacy.

While the couple continued their date at Starbucks, the rest of the family went off to have lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Mohd Jasni told SAYS that his son had met his girlfriend online during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the boy initially asked if he could go on a trip with his friends to meet the girl

"At first, he asked for my permission to meet his girlfriend when state borders were opened. He wanted to go with his friends, but I didn't allow it," he explained.

"First of all, I was worried about his safety, he has never met the girl. Even though my son is male, a lot of things can happen nowadays. And second of all, I'll get to meet his girlfriend face to face. I'll also get to make sure that they won't do anything that would go against the law and religion," he added.

"After I reached out to the girl myself and found out that her family had given her permission to meet me, I agreed to send my son there. I tried to persuade my son. As a teen, if I didn't allow him to meet her, he'd still find a way to secretly do it. It's better if I sent him so I could make sure he does not do anything inappropriate."

Mohd Jasni also said that the family got the chance to stop by Cameron Highlands after his son's date.

Watch the full video here:

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